While the sun was shining full force last week, the Quik Touch Soccer Staff and players from all over Chester and Montgomery counties were training indoors at the All Sports Center in Collegeville, PA.

Our Footskills and Ball-striking Camp focused on footwork, creating space for shooting and finding angles to give a pass or drive past opponents to take chances on goal. The camp provided players with a strong curriculum for improving technique, individual evaluations, and a friendly environment to build a team-player mentality.

Gaining Technique

Quik Touch Collegeville Summer Camp 1

Players warming up with Coach Brendon.

Every morning the camp started with Coach Brendon and his warm up that had players thinking on their feet, with or without the ball.

Speed kills and that, combined with agility and ball control, can spell trouble for opposing defenders.

Coach Brendon used variations of passing patterns and combinations that got the players moving off the ball and creating spacial awareness.

In true Quik Touch fashion, the staff helped the players break down various moves (slides, scissors, step-overs, v’s and L-turns) in order to help them gain true ball mastery. The purpose isn’t to learn as many moves as possible, but to teach players solutions.

In a split second, games can turn around when a player decides to make a run, make a move or create space for a shot. These aren’t an accident. It takes years of deliberate and meaningful practice to put skill into action consistently.

“The head talks to the heart and the heart talks to the feet.” – Pelé

That goes the same for the Quik Touch staff, who have developed a thorough curriculum in which each move is broken down and shown in different areas of the field. This allows players to understand the speed and pace at which decisions, which turn into actions, need to be made.

Individual Feedback

Quik Touch Collegeville Summer Camp 2

PASC player working on juggling the ball from the ground during her break.

During the testing part of camp, the players had to perform the following for evaluation:

  • L-turns both feet (how many in 30 seconds)
  • Slide box (how many in 30 seconds)
  • Bended shots from the right side
  • Bended shots from the left side
  • Crossbar challenge

After the results were totaled, each player took home an evaluation sheet with a plan of action. Not only do the coaches look to impact and improve players on the field, but want to inspire players to work on their own.

Creating A Team Mentality

To cool down the players, Coach Art got the group together and had the campers bond, while finding solutions to different soccer tactics and formations. Each day the campers had to identify formations, patterns of play and had to present their ideas to the group.

This not only encouraged them to work as a team, but also gave them the opportunity to present their ideas in front of the group as an individual. While the answer to most of the questions was “it depends”, the campers discussed in detail their ideas about soccer based on their own experiences.

Finally, the players finished their day with small sided games. In the 5v5 games, things got heated as 4 teams representing 4 different countries played a round-robin style tournament that ended with a semi-final and final. The players representing the United States were the eventual winners!

Interested in joining us for summer camp? Registration for our Thorndale, PA sessions are still open here.