One of the most effective skill moves a player can acquire when facing up against a defender is double scissors. In the video below, you will see how the movement of your foot around the ball is low and quick.


Double Scissors Tips

One of the areas youth players struggle with while completing this move is when that foot lands after the scissors. One things we communicate with players is that when they land on the scissors, they need to BOUNCE off that landing step. Whether it is a single or double scissors, we need to prepare our footwork for what’s next.

Players who are mastering this skill use their ability to shift their BALANCE but also properly PREPARE their opposite foot for the next skill (whether it is another scissor OR a take away touch in to the new space).

Speaking of your take away touch, players need to shape their foot so their pinky toe GUIDES the ball on the proper angle, away from the pressuring defender. The reason the take away touch is so important and valuable for players in 1v1 attacking situations is because it allows for the attacking player to keep their body in between the defender and the ball.

Use of your upper body to shield and protect the ball is the difference between retaining possession or losing it. The best attacking players are taught to not only guide defenders into new space, but also know how to keep possession for their team. And when they lose it, they have the mentality to recover and work hard to win it back.

Practice at home!

A way for players to rep this skill on their own is to start 10-15 yards from a target, keep their dribble real TIGHT to their foot and work on the timing of performing the skill. Make sure to drive your dribble straight at the target. The next level to this is now to push that ball on an angle so to advance past that target while keeping your body in between the ball and defender.

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