Shooting is a key element in soccer technique that is important to practice regularly.  Here are two shooting techniques, the Knuckle Shot and the Inside of Foot Curved Shot, and how you can safely practice them at home.

Working on these moves, whether you are a beginner or advanced player, will help improve your success on game day!

The Knuckled Shot

You Need – WALL and a BALL.

Tips for isolated practice:

Beginners – Start ball from hands, drop and let it bounce once, use the knuckle of your foot to pop it off the wall and catch it on its return.

Advanced players – Create a rhythm alternating your feet and one bounce in between.

Tips for movement in space in relation to the game practice.

Beginners – Warm up. Start on top of the 18, dribble toward a target, push the ball on an angle and drive your knuckled shot on a line drive in to the net.

Advanced – Start your run from 25 yards from the goal, dribble on an angle to pull the goalkeeper to the nearest post, knuckle your shot to the back post. The shape of your foot, twist of your hips, and the path and follow through of your swing are key to this technical shot/pass.

The Inside of Foot Curved Shot


Beginners – Stand 10-15 yards from each other. Put a target in the middle of you and the other person. Put the ball directly in the middle. Spin the ball with the inside of your foot to curve it around the target. Keep your foot and hip open as you approach the shot. As your foot shapes around the ball, so does your hip and your swing/follow through. Proper connection of your foot on the ball is important – use inside of big toe to spin the ball. Hit the opposite side of the ball and work to rotate and spin the ball.

Advanced – Take free kicks on angles. The way you approach the ball needs to be open so to create that torque on your shot.

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