Quik Touch Soccer hosted its footskills program this Winter at the Civic Center in downtown Phoenixville, PA. Groups were comprised of Boys 2008/2009, Girls 2008/2009, and Boys/Girls 2004-2007 travel soccer players. For ten weeks, QTS Coaches trained the players on their ball mastery skills, 1v1 attacking and defending skills, and short sided group play and movement.

For ball mastery exercises, the players learned and practiced an array of skill moves and touched the surface of foot/ball manipulation.  In these exercises, players were put through a series of movements that emulate game-like scenarios. The players’ abilities and minds were stretched through complex footwork series and ball striking angles.

In the 1v1 exercises, the competition was on full display. Implementing the learned skill moves and ball striking techniques, the players showcased confidence and composure in a very important part of the game of soccer…the 1v1 battle.

The final phase of the sessions incorporated short sided futsal style games.  The speed of play and spacing are areas the players continued to show improvement in….oh, and GOALS were flying in the nets.  

At the end of each session, QTS coaches overviewed the weekly training skills and focus with players, encouraged each one to continue their practice at home, and gave each individual specific feedback on areas of strength and continued improvement.

As a part of our philosophy at Quik Touch, we focus on developing the individual.  This starts with building a strong rapport and making it fun for the kids. We like to remind them of how good they are; It is an important part of the sport. 

“Make it your job to bookmark success.  Ask yourself about your best games, your best moments daily.  Dwell on strengths and picture success as often as possible” – Daniel Abrahams @danielabrahams77

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Winter Footskills 2019 Photos